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For over 31 years. Caffé D’arte Alaska has been the leader in quality and service for the Alaskan coffee industry. Our coffee beans are blended in the finest of old world Italian traditions to create a variety of flavor profiles.

Locally Owned & Operated

Lori Brewer moved to Alaska in 1992, after opening the first drive-thru espresso stand in the country. She brought her experience and expertise to the state where she met her longtime husband and business partner Bob Brewer. 

Lori and Bob have owned Caffé D’arte Alaska for 25 years. Bob oversees the entire tech department, oversees distribution and works with National hotels and restaurant chains. Lori works with new accounts and oversees promotions. They have six retail stores, over 400 wholesale accounts, and a statewide espresso equipment repair business. Caffé D'arte Alaska employs 56 people and has assisted hundreds of new owners to open coffee and food businesses.

Community involvement is a key philosophy among the Caffé D’arte staff and Lori is involved with hundreds of charitable donations a year,with a special emphasis on cancer research.

Lori continued her active support of the community even during her battle with cancer in 2008 & 2009. She is now cancer free and spends her free time enjoying the Alaska lifestyle. The Brewer family loves camping, fishing, snow machining, riding bikes and traveling our state.

In addition to wholesale, we also have several retail locations across Anchorage. Our Barista’s set the standard for quality in espresso making and provide superior training for new coffee clients.

Our years of business experience and skill can be a resource to any entrepreneur in the world of coffee. Whether you are a gourmet espresso bar, hotel, business owner, or a casual coffee drinker, Caffé D’arte is the answer!

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