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Business Consulting

Looking to join the coffee business?

We have specialized consultants with years of experience in the coffee industry. We can help you open a café, add on to your restaurant, or supply coffee to your office. Our team can assist you on mapping out all aspects of your business including menu planning, equipment, and logistics.


If you currently own a coffee location and need help in revitalizing your business, we can help! We’ll help you make positive changes to help you build your customer base and grow as a company.


Whatever your needs may be, we have the resources to assist you in being a successful small business owner.  

Email Lori Brewer at

to schedule a consultation

or call 


Consulting Packages

Includes Information on:


  • Locations

  • Permits

  • Building Layout & Design Concepts

  • Equipment & Training

    • Espresso, Brewing, Blenders, Grinders, etc...

  • Health Department Guidelines

  • Signs & Menus

  • Financing

  • Suppliers/Vendors

  • Day to Day Paperwork

  • Promotions & Marketing

  • Equipment Maintenance

    • Installation & Set Up

      • Travel costs not included



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